Academic Coordinator Nominees

Adam Green
Hello PhysSoc! I’m Adam, a second year Physicist and I’ll be running to be your Academic Coordinator for next year.
I’ve been an active member of the society for the last two years and having regularly attended socials I’ve enjoyed getting to know many people. I’m running for academic coordinator because I feel it is a role I will be able to excel at and will enjoy.
Having experienced being both a mentee (shout out to Simone) and a mentor (shout out to my children) I wish to continue helping you out as much as possible next year by helping to organise both the mentoring scheme, revision resources and revision lectures in term 3. Yes, sorry, term 3 exists…
As your academic coordinator I’ll be happy to help first years survive their time here, particularly the torture of Erwin and EM. I’ll also be keen to assist anyone who asks for help if you find me either in person or online, and in areas where I know nothing, simply find someone cleverer instead!
Thanks for reading!

Prem Sonigra
I just realised that I don’t know the first thing about writing a manifesto… Eh, how hard could it be?

Hi, I’m Prem and I’d love to be one of your Academic Coordinators. As a member of the society for the last two years I’ve been able to witness and experience all the fantastic things they do to benefit us students, and now I’d like to step forward and help give back to the society by taking on this role for the next year. I look forward to helping to continue to provide all of the support the society currently offers, but hope to evolve the society based on your feedback.

(This last point is of particular importance to me, as feedback enables the society to tailor the support available to best suit your needs; ultimately this is your society and I encourage you to have a say in how its run.)

Thanks for reading,
Prem :)

Jack Moseley-Hutchinson
My name’s Jack Moseley-Hutchinson, I’m currently a second year Physicist on the MPhys course, I changed to this course from MChem at Warwick in 2015. Since then I have become a Physics SSLC member, held both the social (2016/2017) and Vice president (2017/2018) positions in ChemSoc. This has given me opportunities to organise exec members/ socials and help our education and outreach officers do the same. In applying for this outreach position, I want to help people understand the fundamentals Physics brings to their subject area to show less of a divide and highlight how much each department can help each other, not just physicists!
I would like to do this through interdepartmental lectures with academics close to physics, or physics academics close to other subjects; these could come in the form of a couple of talks a term marketed to the physicists themselves. I hope this helps stretch the academic position to something more than an end of year ordeal. I also understand the importance of these and am of the mindset that teaching Is the best form of learning, and by integrating a couple of these revision sessions earlier on for physicists I wish to form bonds between the more nervous first years and other undergraduates who can help (having seen how people like to ask questions from older students but perhaps don’t know who to ask early on).
As so many of us go into teaching Physics I also want to explore the possibility of more outreach events for undergraduates to have the opportunity to show others why Physics was their choice and to provide the experience ahead of the second year module.