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Here we will be keeping you informed on upcoming socials then sharing our experiences with you, giving advice throughout the year and giving updates of what’s to come. So stay tuned and keep your eye on this page frequently. We wouldn’t want you missing out!

The End of Fresher’s Fortnight (16/10/16)

With fresher’s fortnight drawing to a close it seems an appropriate time to reflect on the what’s been a very successful start to the term for the physic society. We’ve held four events, which have been very well attended with a great amount of first year involvement and engagement.

The first physics café of the year was held on Thursday week 2 with Prof. Don Pollacco giving a stellar talk on exoplanets in general as well as Warwick Astronomy’s work on the subject. It was amazing to see so many people turn up and ask so many questions at the end!

Our flagship PhysSoc social for the fresher’s period was the ‘English vs. Sciences’ bar crawl with LitSoc and BioSoc. Despite sciences sadly losing almost all of the challenges and games along the way, it was still a fantastic evening and a wonderful opportunity to meet so many of the new first years! For those that missed it, there will be an ever bigger bar crawl later this term (mixed sciences) and our annual ‘Tom Hase bar crawl’ some time next term (basically a bar crawl in loud or Hawaiian shirts).

Next week PhysSoc is hosting its first circle of the year with the theme ‘Military and Mesons’ so be sure to get a POP! ticket if you haven’t already! Physicists can enter an excited state by absorbing several pints of purple. The only way to return to the ground state is to play circling games and dance to cheesy pop music. It’s in the standard model – look it up.

The event page can be found here:

Physics Café will be on at the usual time of 5:30pm on Thursday in P5.21 (although if numbers remain the same or increase I’ll enquire about finding a bigger room!). The specific topic is yet to be confirmed but the talk will be from particle physicist Prof. Tim Gershon – keep an eye out for the event page for more details! (Note: MORE FREE PIZZA THAN LAST WEEK)

To summarise: good job everyone; the first two weeks were a blast.



Welcome to Warwick! (03/10/16)

Or welcome back for a large number of you. For those of you who are new however, congratulations!

If you are interested to know more about Warwick PhysSoc we’ll be at the societies fair on Thursday 6th October so come and find us! There will be a few freebies as an added bonus.

  • Run regular socials! These include bar crawls, laser quest, bowling, circling and much more!
  • A yearly spring ball – shared with biology
  • Trips abroad to places like CERN and ESTEC in Amsterdam
  • Physics Café – A weekly event involving a short talk from an academic, an informal help session and FREE PIZZA!
  • Mentor Scheme – We pair first years with higher years so that they have someone to turn to for help or advise about the course
  • Provide student written revision guides as well as other useful material.
  • Run revision sessions around exam time.

We have a few things planned for the first two weeks of term but the one that definitely shouldn’t be missed is the English vs Sciences bar crawl (with LitSoc and BioSoc). The event page can be found here:

Join our Facebook group to hear more about the other socials we have planned:

And for any new first years, we have a page dedicated to you where you can get to know each other and discuss the course!

I hope to see you all soon!



P.S. If you can’t make it to the societies fair don’t fear! You can join PhysSoc online: