Physics Academic Co-ordinators


Name: Clement Mawby

Course: MPhys (fourth year)

Hey, I’m Clement and I’m your Physics Academic Coordinator this year. It’s a fancy title but essentially just means I will be helping to keep the revision guides up to date and running the revision lectures when it comes to that fabulous time of year when everyone is relying on coffee to keep them alive! I’m also on the SSLC, so feel free to come to me regarding anything course-related that you want to ask/ raise.

Favourite fresher’s memory: Can’t really remember much of it so must have been good!

Worst exam: Electromagnetic Theory and Optics – answered about 40% of the questions but somehow got a first – scaling is beautiful sometimes.

Place you spend the most time: I’m usually either in the Physics workroom or University House learning grid, so you can probably find me at one of these if you need to!

Favourite PhysSoc event so far: Enjoyed the Physics ball in my second year.

A piece of advice: If an exam is going badly, and you’ve put all the effort you can in, it’s probably going badly for everyone.


Name: Colm

Course: Maths and Physics, 3rd year

I am the egg man. I am one of your academic coordinators for Physics this year. Coo Coo Cachoo. Feel free to come and have a chat, or to send queries on facebook or whatever other obscure method you may find. I’ll help if I can, or send you to someone who can otherwise.

Favourite fresher’s memory: The end of my first term of uni, when my time-table began to look manageable.

Worst exam: Physics foundations, there was a lot to learn!

Place you spend the most time: Do most of my work at the library, but it’d be easier to find me on facebook or email.

Favourite PhysSoc event so far: The freshers meetup at the start of the year was a nice way to meet people.

A piece of advice: It has been said by many that maths and physics takes a while to get used to.