Publicity Officer


Name: Sam

Course: MSc (by research)

Hi, I’m Sam, the Publicity officer for this year. You’ll hear from me a lot throughout the year letting you know the details of all the events we put on as a society. It’d be really great to get to know even more of you this year at socials, so don’t hesitate to come and say hello! I’m also always happy to help with any society or course related problems, so feel free to drop me a message.

Favourite fresher’s memory: Don’t really have many which is probably a good sign!

Worst exam: Electro magnetic theory and optics, second year. Everyone needed a pint afterwards.

Place you spend the most time: Usually around the department, in the 4th floor labs, or making the most of bus stop at terrace bar

Favourite PhysSoc event so far: The Ball last year was incredible.

A piece of advice: Its never too early to start revising, or too late!