Name: Adam

Course: 3rd Year Physics

Hey I’m Adam and I’m the treasurer for this year. When I’m not studying physics, talking about physics or going to physics socials I love music and being outside. In some societies the treasurer doesn’t get all that involved, but that’s definitely not going to be the case with me. I WILL be at every single PhysSoc event and I WILL most likely come and talk to you at some stage. All I can say is brace yourself and I’m sorry in advance.


Favourite fresher’s memory: The mixed sciences pub golf in term 1, it was my first physsoc event and the first time I properly met all the coursemates I spend most of my time with now :)

Worst exam: Electromagnetic Theory and Optics was like taking an exam for a module we’d never learnt, but then everyone said the same and we all did fine in the end. It actually turned out to be one of my best marks of second year – hooray for scaling!

Place you spend the most time: If it’s quiet I can often be found on the concourse, if not one of the workrooms.

Favourite PhysSoc event so far: Probably the cops and robbers bar crawl last year – we were all put in cop-robber pairs and then tied together, it sounds ridiculous but it was so fun and a great way to talk to different people!

A piece of advice: Never ever be too shy to get involved. Life (and uni) is way too short to miss out on awesome social and career building opportunities just because you’re worried about being the newbie.