Vice President


Name: John

Course: MPhys, 4th year

Hey I’m John, your Vice-President for the coming year. I’m usually found either on the concourse or at the bar, so come and say hello! My job in the society is quite general – I mainly run around helping the other exec members with their jobs, letting the fancy title go to my head. I’ve been on the execs for other societies in my first three years, so what I lack in looks I make up for in experience. Got an idea for the society or just fancy a brew and chat? or an email – I don’t bite, honest!

Favourite fresher’s memory: Dancing on chairs with PhysSoc people after watching an amazing fireworks display at Kenilworth Castle

Worst exam: EMO in 2nd year, that must have been moderated well for me to pass it…

Place you spend the most time: If I’m on campus then I’m usually found on the concourse or in the workroom

Favourite PhysSoc event so far: I would have to say the 2nd year ball as it took Ben and I the most time to organise and I enjoyed the night so much with the relief of everyone enjoying themselves!

A piece of advice: If you need help, ask for it. People are there to help you, we all want to support you, just reach out.