President Nominees

Andreas Dalhaug
Hey, everyone! My name is Andreas, but most people call me Andy, and I am running for the presidency of the Physics Society. Some of you might know me already as the trips coordinator of the society this year (fret not, the trip is still happening in term 3!), but as with many exec positions, my responsibilities extend beyond what just the title would imply. More on that later.
Rather than talk about my qualifications and experience first, I want talk about my vision for the Warwick Physics Society. The society has had a great year. From regular socials, to weekly physics cafes, to the physics ball, to promotion and sponsors, and everything in between. This has been the standard recipe for success for the last few years. The saying goes “do not change a winning team,” and rightfully so. However, despite this time-honoured wisdom, I want to do exactly that. I want to do something different. I want to think bigger and put the Physics Society on the map while still staying true to the core values that characterise the society we know and love. So, what exactly does this entail?

Take the Physics Café for instance. This year I have organised two of them and for me it’s a personal favourite and a must have. In addition to it, though, I want to think bigger. Speakers are generally academic staff of the university, but I will invite high profile academics in the field of physics to garner the interest of not just physics students, but all students on campus. Obviously, such an event will be separate from the weekly Physics Cafes as I want to keep the Physics Café tailored to Physics society members. Speaking of the members, a service that the Physics society prides itself on is academic support and general guidance. While academic support for students has been limited this year, I want to bring back the post-café help sessions that the society had last year. Sessions would be primarily aimed at 1st and 2nd year students and cover topics they might struggle with. When relevant these sessions will focus on topics that all students tend to seek guidance on, such as LaTeX and writing lab reports, as these skills are indispensable regardless of what you choose to do after your studies. On the topic of academic support, the Physics Families have been a huge success this year and this scheme will continue next year as well. Smaller mentoring groups have a different dynamic from big help-sessions and they can also provide help with a different set of issues and struggles, whatever they might be.
One long-standing issue with the Physics Society is that not all students who study physics feel equally included. The majority of active members study pure physics at undergraduate level, whereas postgraduates and Maths/Phys students tend to be left out as it were. I will take measures to make the society more attractive to both groups by establishing a representative for each of them with whom I can liaise to find out what they want to see in the society. Communication is key! As a part of this initiative I want to collaborate with the Warwick Quiz Society to create a friendly competition where teams must comprise postgraduates, physics, and Maths/Phys students. Bottom line is that I want to do something different and create variety in the events organised by the Physics Society; I have a lot of ideas for things that have not been done before, and I can’t wait to implement them.
Now, as the cliché goes, why would you choose me for president over someone else? I have spent a year as an exec of the society, so I know how everything operates. I know what needs to be done, from all the minor logistics that most people take for granted, to the major executive decisions. I work great as a part of team, because that is what the exec is. While we all have our titles, I will work closely with and listen to every member of the exec to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to work up to their full potential. There is nothing more frustrating than to feel your ideas are being neglected, and on that topic, I will also make it a point to listen to the members (that’s you guys!) to hear what they want to see from the society. As a person I have a strong passion for physics and a clear vision for what I want the society to be, but input from more than one person is crucial, and delegation of responsibilities equally so. I am very confident, outspoken, and approachable; qualities which I think are necessary for any society president. Finally, not only am I good at juggling many tasks and responsibilities at once, but I genuinely enjoy doing so. Therefore, if you want to see the society be something more than it is today, while staying true to its heritage, please do vote Andy for president!

Nikita Channa
Hiiiii! My name is Nikita (Niks) and I am a second year physics student. Majority of you will recognise me as the current social secretary of the society. I have organised all the events for the society (I came up with all the amazing puns on the Facebook social events), led circles and bar crawls, helped organise the physics and astronomy ball and represented the society in the science gala and as a physics ambassador.

I’d like to be your next President, as I feel I have learned a lot about the society and I am ready to build on what we have done this year to continue the society’s success. I’m hard working, organised and enthusiastic about Physics and the society, so I think I’d be an ideal candidate for President.

Below I have listed several key things I would aim to achieve if you elect me.

• PhysCafe: I would like to involve the society members in the process of choosing topics for physcafe by taking suggestions and requests so the physcafes are tailored to what the society members want and invite more external people from industries to do talks at physcafe.

• Help Sessions: After physcafe each week, I would work with the academic coordinators to ensure that there are sessions where older year students can help with issues people are having with problem sheets, homework and lab reports. Previously, this has only been tailored to physics students, however I would like to tailor this for maths and physics students. Also, I would like to ensure there are help sessions with writing lab reports which are slightly less scary than Tom Hase throwing error analysis formulae at you.

• Revision guides: The revision guides are an extremely useful source in exam season, however they are out of date. I already have typed up notes for first and second year modules and I would work with the academic coordinators to update the older year revision guides and get these checked by the lecturers.

• Liaise with the SSLC: The society has framework in place to be in face-to-face discussion with members, which puts us in a great position to get feedback on the course. I’ll feedback any information to the SSLC so that they can discuss it with the department.

• Outreach: I would like the society to have more involvement with encouraging our passion for physics outside of the university environment. This would include going to schools and inspire younger students (especially females) to pursue physics at a higher level.

• Christmas Lectures: Taking part in the Christmas lectures this year was very fun seeing the children be amazed by science experiments. I intend on the society working together with academics to lead one of the Christmas lectures this year.

• RAW: I propose to set up a fortnightly show with Warwick Radio where members of the society can discuss what is going on in the world of physics and the effects of it.

I’ve learned a huge amount about the inner running of the society over the past year and I want to continue to be a part of it. I’m prepared to dedicate myself to the society to make it the best it can possibly be for members.

Please vote me as your next president!