Publicity Nominees

Jack Moseley-Hutchinson
My name’s Jack Moseley-Hutchinson, I’m currently a second year Physicist on the MPhys course, I changed to this course from MChem at Warwick in 2015. Since then I have become a Physics SSLC member, and held both the social (2016/2017) and Vice president (2017/2018) positions in ChemSoc. As a publicity officer I would wish to bring a uniformity to PhysSoc events, by this I mean create a framework of event ‘templates’ by which other exec members could use to publicize their events. In expanding PhysSocs online presence in social media and maintaining a consistent design I would hope to improve what people first see when looking at how Physics students at Warwick work together, whilst also improving the professionalism of the society from an outsider’s perspective. I would hope to improve our website design by having less polygonal pictures and smoother transitions in-between each page (probably through an open source software different to WordPress), in trying to get more undergraduates in the space itself, I would mould it as a hub for questions or an anonymous space for advice if you so need.