Social Sec Nominees

Henry Israel
Hi, I’m Henry (the dyspraxic one in the pyjamas) I’m a 2nd year maths and physics student running for social sec next year. As well as increasing the amount of purple being drank by all, I’d aim to host more socials throughout the term such as pub quizzes, bar crawls and sober events such as bowling and laser tag.

Kate Hughes
First off, to prove my dedication to the PhysSesh, I’ve never missed a circle!

My name’s Kate Hughes and I’m a first year Maths and Physics student who wants to be one of the Social Secretaries for PhysSoc in 2018/9. I consider myself to be an approachable, organised and sociable person, so the role is perfect for me. PhysSoc means a lot to me, after all I’ve met some of my closest friends in it.

As one of the Social Secretaries next year I have many plans. I want to make sure next year’s freshers integrate with their course-mates, build relationships between the years and host some great circles. I also hope to do trips to Kasbah, Neon, Smack, Assembly and of course the classic Copper Rooms. Not only do I want to do a local sesh, but I also want to go further afield to places like Pryzm and Snobs.

For those students who don’t drink, I also have plenty of ideas. Activity trips to paintballing, laser tag, ice skating and more. During academic time, I also want to make sure students are connecting with their exec, so would want to do ‘meet your exec’ sessions at T-Bar.

A few facts about me:
Pint speed 4/10
Banter 10/10
Dedication to PhysSoc 100000000000/10
Modesty 1/10

Ross Taylor
Hi, I’m Ross (often seen in circle telling people to drink or being passion master) and I’m a second year mathsphys student. I’m running for social sec as I’m loud, good at organising events, and very good at getting people to drink. My aims are to:
• Increase the number of sober socials as not everyone drinks, e.g. bowling, laser tag, buffets.
• Introduce new drinking games.
• Carry on saving the Queen.
• Run more non-circling socials.
• Continue targeting Henry Israel.
• Increase purple intake.
• Help make ball a success again.
• Ensure everyone has a good time.

Sophie Battrick
Hey! My name is Sophie and I would love to become a Social Secretary for Physics Society. I am a first year MathPhys student (rest assured I’ll still allow the ‘we hate Maths’ chant at circles, just be ready to drink if you participate 😉), and as such, I don’t have labs, so I have even more time to plan social events for Physics students to enjoy as a celebration afterwards! Physics society means a lot to me and I would love to be able to give something back to it, as I’ve had a lot of fun taking part in PhysSoc events this year. As a fun-loving, organised and hard-working individual, I believe I could encourage people to join the society by increasing the number and range of unmissable socials, so that PhysSoc smashes the stereotypes some people hold of STEM subjects almost as fast as we’ll be smashing pints! My passion for socialising is only matched by my passion for Physics, therefore I would ensure that approximately 100% of the socials linked to the subject in some respect, and that all of them are amazing fun. Some of the ideas I would endeavour to carry out as Social Sec are highlighted below:

• Larger, more frequent circles before events like Skool Dayz, as well as Pop. I would aim to introduce new games as well as bringing back old favourites, whilst maintaining a degree of structure and organisation to ensure everyone has the best time possible.

• I think everyone’s opinion should count in Physics Society, so I intend to hold a vote on the themes for each circle, and will always be open to suggestions, the madder the better!

• Currently there aren’t many Physics socials which take place outside of the SU. I am keen to change this by hosting a bar crawl, karaoke night, and pub quiz at chosen locations in the local area, along with a laser tag night. These would be arranged after big deadlines or exams to encourage maximum attendance.

• Landmark events in Physics, such as Elon Musk’s recent Tesla launch, can never be hyped up enough in my opinion. Therefore, I would stream events like this on the big screen in L3 and offer Pizza and drinks for anyone who attended, due to the success of this format with the Physics Café.

• As a fresher, the first few weeks can be daunting and making friends with others on the same course is a priority for many people as it sets their minds at rest. I would therefore run weekly coffee mornings open to Physics students to give everyone the opportunity to meet coursemates from all years in a relaxed environment. This would encourage integration (before the freshers are permanently put off all calculus by PX149).

• When I received my offer from Warwick, I had many questions about the course and Uni life, so I made a chat on Facebook for people in a similar` situation, which reassured me and enabled me to chat to other freshers before arriving at Warwick. I would be keen to do the same this year, so that new Physics students had contact with current students and members of the Exec who could give them advice and build a rapport. This may also encourage people to attend socials once at uni if they have spoken to others about the event in advance, which would be possible via the chat.

• Unfortunately for the last couple of years there has been no Physics Society tour, and I intend to work with the Trips Coordinators to change this, and organise a visit to CERN or somewhere of similar interest.

• Next year, for the first time, we finally have Freshers week 0!! There will be circles. There will be purple. There will be absolute madness- and all in very large quantities! If I’m Social Sec, I will ensure that PhysSoc provides the ultimate Warwick experience. Trust me, you’d be foolish to miss out.

If you like the sound of these ideas then please vote for me as your new Social Sec, it’s a choice you won’t regret!