Treasurer Nominees

Eleanor Macdonald
Hello! My name is Eleanor and I am currently a second year MathsPhys student and I would really rather appreciate you voting for me as your treasurer.
I think that I would be well-suited to the role as a person who’s had a keen eye on budgeting for years, ever since I loaned my brother £2 with 1% interest per day when I was 8. He would now owe me quite a lot of money, but I am a benevolent sister and wiped his debt years ago. In addition I am organised and have previously been in charge of managing the finances of various projects, and hence am rather comfortable with all that it entails and have some experience as a treasurer.
As treasurer l would work diligently and quickly in all my duties and with the rest of the exec. I can promise that as treasurer I will endeavour to try and get the most out of our budget (and to get the most into our budget) so that Physics Society can continue to be the wonderful resource, support network, and pizza distributor that it is.
Please vote for me, I like spreadsheets.

Chris Schettler
Hey, I’m Chris and I’d love to support the PhysSoc as treasurer next year!

Over the last two years I’ve spent at Warwick, I’ve especially enjoyed events with PhysSoc. The stunning ball and the many captivating talks (and of course the free pizza) have been some of my favourite memories. Now, I’d like to get more actively involved with the society myself and make sure it rises to its full potential!

As treasurer, I aim to ensure that membership remains free for everyone! Free membership allows us to be inclusive and enables us to grow into an even bigger society.
It is important to me that we secure even more sponsorships than we currently have and develop our current sponsorships. This means that we can subsidise our trips and, with more revenue, will also be able to plan bigger and bolder events. I’m thinking of inviting prestigious physicists from around the globe to capture the interest of an even larger audience. There are also numerous small things I would like us to be able to finance. Providing the PhysSoc football team with uniform kits for example.

As a member of the exec I will also push that we develop the PhysSoc ‘brand’: I think that a highlight of the past year was the ball collaboration with AstroSoc and I would want to initiate more collabs. For example, working with the Student Cinema to combine a physics talk with science-fiction film or co-hosting more events with AstroSoc are a few ideas. We could even delve into unexplored waters by e.g. collaborating with Econ Society on a talk about the physics behind information transfer in the blockchain!

I’m a great communicator, team-worker, and always open to new ideas so I believe I would work well with the new exec. I would also make it a priority to listen to the comments and suggestions any members have. Thanks to all the lab work I also know how to work my way around an Excel file!
(Plus, I passed my high school maths exam which of course makes me exceptionally qualified to become treasurer).

In short: I want to continue the great work being done in this society, as a treasurer ensure that PhysSoc can grow and provide bigger and bolder events, and develop the PhysSoc brand!
I’d be delighted to have your vote!