Vice-President Nomiees

Theodore Ebbutt
Hi, I’m Theo, A first year maths and physics student and I’m running to be vice president. I already know what you’re thinking “what’s a fresher doing applying for vice president?!” Well, I think a job like this needs a few major traits, the first of which being confidence. I think that a good vice president will be able go into any scenario and regardless of the chances of success, will still step up to the plate and give it a try, and I hope I’ve been able to demonstrate that I’d be able to do this by the fact that I’ve even applied as someone who has never been in an exec role before.

The next trait I think is important to have in a vice president is versatility, since this role is essentially picking up all the odd jobs that the rest of the exec roles don’t quite cover or are too busy with other jobs to do. I like to think that I’m a very versatile individual, having tried my hand at everything from accounting to event planning, and luckily for me, the confidence I talked about earlier is useful when set to new tasks!

To stop me from waffling on I’ve limited this list to three parts, so the final point I want to talk about is consultation, as a good vice president needs to listen to the ideas of everyone in the society, as well as the exec and make these thoughts into practical solutions and new events. I believe that I’d be great for this role as I’m a bit of an entrepreneur, I love taking ideas and forming them into real world events or changes, and seeing these ideas grow and influence people for years to come is an experience of a lifetime.

On top of these characteristics I’m hard working, organised and enthusiastic about physics in general and the society, and would love to get as many students as possible as excited as I am for where physics is going in the future! I hope so far I’ve convinced you that I’d be an ideal candidate for the role, and below are some of the main aims I have for the society if you choose to elect me!

•I’m hoping to integrate more maths-physics and physics/business students into the society, making sure they feel more welcome to increase the number of people getting involved in the society.

•I also want to get more people involved in the physics cafe events the society runs, including getting more external and PhD student speakers to talk about their current research. I also plan to set up a way of students requesting a certain topic so we can find speakers based on people’s interests.

•I plan on getting students involved in more outreach events, attempting to get current university students to teach younger students about physics at university level.

•I want to start a society run event for helping with difficult topics and modules that are difficult to understand, so these things can be explained in a more social environment.

Jenni French
Hi, I’m Jenni, a second year studying Physics and your current social sec. I’m running for Vice President because having been a part of the exec this year, I understand how the society works. I am well organised and helped arrange Physics Ball this year, as well as helping with Physics Cafés. If I am elected I plan to be on Ball committee again and deliver a successful Spring Ball.

Some ideas that I have for the development of the society are below:

– I want to reintroduce designated physics help sessions after physcafe where older students help with assignments and lecture work.
– I want these to include lab report writing as well.
– I would like to keep Physics families running as a mentoring system.

As Vice President I will work closely with the President to ensure that the exec work together to keep the Physics Society being the important source of pizza that it is.